Welcome to Cents Positive! Join us for our inaugural retreat November 2-4, 2018, in Denver, Colorado.

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And there will be many more retreats in the future, so don’t stress if you can’t make this one. 😉

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Retreat Details

Cents Positive is first and foremost a social event where women can meet others on a similarly unconventional life path, pursuing financial independence instead of the standard script. You’ll leave with new friends and a strong support network you can lean on as you continue on your FI journey.

And the word “retreat” is no accident — this isn’t a jam-packed conference that expects you to get up before sunrise and attend 10 different sessions. This is a leisurely paced weekend with a few programmed events but lots of free time, too.

Join us!

When and Where?

The very first Cents Positive retreat will take place 5 p.m. on Friday, November 2, through 1 p.m. on Sunday, November 4, 2018, at the Residence Inn Denver Airport and the surrounding area.

The cost of the retreat is $200 per person, and you can register at the link below!

What’s On the Agenda?

The precise agenda will depend on what attendees (that’s you!) say you want, and you’ll receive a survey link after registering in which you can share exactly what you’d like to get out of the event. You can definitely expect a mix of time together as a group and some unstructured time to hang out with your new friends, including:

  • Friday night group dinner
  • Time to meet others at a similar point in their journey as you
  • Time to meet others in your geographic region
  • Q&A time in which you can share your challenges with a group and get feedback or troubleshooting help
  • Short, inspiring talks from cool women
  • A live recording of The Fairer Cents podcast
  • Saturday night dinner in small groups
  • A onesie and fascinator slumber party Saturday night
  • Sunday morning group outing and farewell
  • Optional Sunday afternoon FI meetup with the greater Denver group

Optional Blogger Add-On

Cents Positive is not designed as a blogger event, and the focus will be 100% on women and our money journeys, not how to build a blog, make money blogging, etc. But, women FI bloggers can benefit from more community-building, too, as well as the opportunity to build support networks of other bloggers and content creators. That’s why there will be an optional add-on day for bloggers before the main retreat: 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 1, through 4 p.m. on Friday, November 2.

Stay tuned for a separate registration link for the blogger add-on.

Scholarships Available

Sign up for the email newsletter to get info in July about applying for one of the Cents Positive scholarships:

  • Two scholarships to attend the main retreat, including lodging and all included meals
  • Two scholarships to attend the main retreat plus blogger add-on, including lodging and all included meals

Event Hotel

Cents Positive is taking place at the Residence Inn Denver Airport, a comfortable but budget-friendly hotel a short (free) shuttle ride away from the airport. All rooms include free breakfast and have a fully equipped kitchen, so you can cook if you prefer. There are three room types available at the Residence Inn: studios ($119/night + tax), 1-bedroom suites ($129/night + tax) and 2-bedroom suites ($149/night + tax). All rooms have sofa beds, so they are ideal for sharing. After you register, you’ll receive a link to a Google sheets list of people looking for roommates.

And there’s no obligation to stay at the retreat hotel! Our location is in the heart of the Denver airport hotel zone, featuring all major chains, so if you have points with another chain you’d prefer to use, go for it! If you want to book the retreat hotel on points, please do so directly through Marriott’s site, not our group link below. It’s a Marriott category 5, so qualifies for Chase card free nights.

If you’re local to Denver and don’t need lodging, or if you drive to Denver instead of flying, it’s free to park at the hotel.

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Answers to all of your questions! Got one that isn’t answered here? Use the contact form to ask it.

Who is Cents Positive for?

The retreat is for all women interested in financial independence (FI). Whether you’re already FI and looking for a support group of like-minded women, or just dipping a toe in the FI waters, you’ll find a home here. Most of the conversations in the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) community aren’t as welcoming to women as they could be, so Cents Positive is a safe space just for us. All women over 18 are welcome, including trans women and nonbinary people who relate more to the female experience.

Is this really a retreat?

Yes! From a pajama party Saturday night (costume optional) to lots of free time throughout, you’ll enjoy a leisurely pace to connect with lots of other women. You could wear pajamas or your favorite leisurewear the entire time and feel right at home. 🙂

What are the logistics for the event?

Cents Positive happens 5 p.m. Friday, November 2, through 1 p.m. on Sunday, November 4, 2018, at the Residence Inn Denver Airport and the surrounding area, with an optional add-on for bloggers the day before, from 5 p.m. Thursday, November 1, through the following afternoon, when everyone else joins us. You’ll sign up here for the retreat itself, and then book your hotel room and airfare yourself.

What will the retreat be like? 

A lot of that depends on what you want to get out of it! After you register, you’ll receive a survey link to share your preferences for event programming. But regardless of the content, we’ll have breakout time for you to meet other women at a similar point in the journey, other women in your region, and have time to bring your questions and challenges up and get group input. The Residence Inn Denver Airport has plenty of hangout spaces indoor and out, so in addition to group time, you’ll have lots of time and space to spend time with your new friends.

Is this retreat mostly for bloggers?

No! In fact, Cents Positive is not a blogger event at all, and the focus will be 100% on women and our money journeys. The optional add-on day for bloggers is there so that we can keep the focus during the main retreat off of blogging.

What’s the deal with the blogger add-on?

Cents Positive is hosting an optional add-on day for bloggers before the main retreat: the evening of Thursday, November 1, through the afternoon of Friday, November 2. You’ll need to register separately for that portion and pay the $75 add-on fee.

Is Cents Positive affordable?

Yes! Affordability and accessibility are what this event is all about. What would be the point of attending an FI event that takes you farther from your FI goal?!

The location has been chosen with cost as concern number one. Denver is the most affordable airport to fly into for the greatest number of people, with every mainline and discount airline flying there. And the Residence Inn at the airport has given us excellent room rates, it’s an easy place to use Marriott or SPG points if you’re so inclined, every room includes free breakfast every day, rooms are easy to share with multiple bedrooms and sofa beds as options, rooms have kitchens for those who prefer to cook, there’s a free airport shuttle and there’s free parking!

In addition, pricing for the event itself is essentially at cost ($200). Your entry fee, which is priced as low as possible, covers meeting space and several catered meals, and if enough people register, there will also be a fun surprise. If you choose to attend, here’s what you need to expect to pay for, with your choice of dollars or travel points:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel room (solo or shared with up to two others)
  • Food while traveling
  • Saturday dinner

That’s all! Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast are all included, as is transportation from the airport. For bloggers attending the add-on day, Friday breakfast and lunch are included, and we’ll all go out together for a casual dinner Thursday night.

Can you help me find a roommate?

Yes! When you register, you’ll receive an email that contains the survey link to share what you’d like to get out of the retreat, along with the link to a private Google Sheet to connect potential roommates. The Residence Inn rooms are well-equipped for people bunking up, which was a top priority!

I have dietary restrictions. What do I do?

No problem! The survey will let you indicate your restrictions, and we’ll make sure you’re covered in the group meals. That’s also why we’re staying at a Residence Inn, where every room has a full kitchen and you can provide your own food if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Two women will be awarded scholarships covering the retreat, lodging and included meals, and two women will be awarded scholarships for the retreat, blogger add-on, lodging and included meals. Your only cost will be getting to Denver and Saturday dinner. Sign up for the email newsletter for details in July on how you can apply.

I registered and can no longer attend. Are refunds available?

Not exactly. Because this is a small DIY operation, refunds aren’t available. But, you can transfer your registration to anyone else at no cost. So long as you only charge as much as you paid, it’s all good. And we can help you find someone to buy your ticket. Email centspositive at gmail dot com if you need help.

I prefer to keep my FI plans from my employer or others. Can I come and stay anonymous?

Heck yes you can! When you check in, you’ll have the option to grab some “no photos please” stickers, and you’ll fill out your name tag yourself, so you can write your real name, a pseudonym or whatever you want on it. And generally, we’ll encourage everyone to keep the Instagramming to a minimum to keep the focus in the room.

Who are the event sponsors?

Trick question! There are none. And it’s going to stay that way. The whole point of Cents Positive is to give women a safe space to talk about money, our relationships and the emotion around all of it, and there’s no room for corporate sponsors in there. This event is all about you and your new friends, not companies trying to push products on you. It’s in that same spirit that this event doesn’t have headliners or “famous” bloggers topping the marquee. You’ll recognize some faces there if you read FI blogs, but that’s not what this is about at all.

Is there a Cents Positive Facebook group or Slack channel?

That depends on what you want! If women who sign up indicate that they want an online group, we’ll make it happen. But we don’t want to start another group just for the sake of it. You have enough digital noise in your life already! If it will add value to your life, though, then let’s do it.

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Cents Positive is hosted by Tanja Hester, author of Work Optional, the blogger behind Our Next Life and one of the hosts of The Fairer Cents.


But this event isn’t about me. It’s about YOU.

There aren’t enough spaces for women in the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) community, and I’m doing my part to change that. Now that I’m early retired and have time on my hands, creating safe spaces for women to talk money is important to me! And because I no longer need to work for money, I can offer the event at cost, which is important to me, too!

I can’t wait to meet you and hang out!

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Got questions that aren’t answered here? Shoot them over here!