About the Retreats

Details on 2019 events are available here!

I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in ages and different FI stages. And everyone was so open and supportive. I also, really appreciate that this did not feel like a blogger meetup. Everyone was very approachable!

— 2018 Denver attendee

Cents Positive is first and foremost a social event where women can meet others on a similarly unconventional life path, pursuing financial independence instead of the standard script. You’ll leave with new friends and a strong support network you can lean on as you continue on your FI journey.

Want to get a feel for the kinds of conversations that happen at Cents Positive? This episode of The Fairer Cents podcast was recorded live there. 

And the word “retreat” is no accident — this isn’t a jam-packed conference that expects you to get up before sunrise and attend 10 different sessions. This is a leisurely paced weekend with a few programmed events but lots of free time for conversation, too.


What’s On the Agenda?

While the agenda for each event will differ slightly, in general this is what you can expect:

  • Friday: Arrive on site, optional social time and check-in 4-6 PM, welcome and dinner 6-9 PM
  • Saturday: Breakfast on your own or at hotel, sessions and breaks 9:30 AM – 6 PM (including provided lunch), dinner on your own 6-7:30 PM, evening activity 7:30-9:30 PM
  • Sunday: Breakfast on your own or at hotel, sessions and breakout time 9:30 AM – 2 PM, optional outing and FIRE meetup in the area later in the afternoon for those who can stick around longer

I want to convey how much I liked that this group was just a regular group of women. As someone who is not a blogger, the entire conference felt accessible and felt like a conversation I could contribute to.

— 2018 Denver attendee

You can definitely expect a mix of time together as a group and some unstructured time to hang out with your new friends, including:

  • Freeform time Friday afternoon for those able to arrive early
  • Activities to meet others at a similar point in their journey as you, in your geographic region, etc.
  • Short, inspiring talks from cool women
  • Saturday night dinner in small groups
  • An optional fun/silly Saturday night activity
  • Q&A time in which you can share your challenges with a group and get feedback or troubleshooting help
  • Popup sessions and discussions Sunday morning
Onesie party at Cents Positive Denver in 2018

Scholarships Available

At least four scholarships will be available to attend each retreat, including lodging and all included meals. Scholarship recipients will only need to cover travel to the site and Saturday night dinner. Scholarship applications are generally accepted after each event has filled up, to ensure that scholarships go to those who would not otherwise be able to attend. Additional scholarships may become available, so stay tuned.